What Is My SBI Credit Card Statement Password?

What is my SBI credit card statement password: State Bank of India always tries to provide the best service to its customers. SBI offers a wide range of credit cards to suit the financial needs of cardholders. From low finance costs to an excellent rewards program, SBI credit cards offer several benefits.

State Bank of India sends the credit card bill report and SBI credit card statement via email to the credit cardholders in PDF format every month after the bill generation.

The PDF file of the SBI credit card statement received in the email is password-protected, and you need to know its password to open this PDF file. You cannot see the SBI credit card statement without entering a password.

If you have an SBI credit card and facing a problem while opening a PDF file OR if you don’t know What is SBI Card E-Statement Password then this article is important for you. In this article, I have explained How to open an old SBI card E-statement and the latest card statement password format?

What Is My SBI Credit Card Statement Password?

When you open the PDF file of the SBI credit card statement received by email, you will be asked to enter the document password at that time.

A specific set of formats is required to open the SBI credit card E-statement file protected with a password. SBI changes this format from time to time to protect customer’s credit card details. They mention the new SBI Card Password format in your monthly statement email.

Latest Format For SBI Credit Card Statement Password Is Mentioned Below

The password to open the SBI Credit Card Statement PDF is divided into 2 parts, in which the first eight characters are of your Date of Birth in DDMMYY format, and the last four characters are the last 4 digits of your SBI credit card number.

For Example: If your date of birth is 1st June 1992, and the last four digits of your SBI credit card is 1234, then to open the SBI card, the E-statement password is 010619921234.

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How To Open Old SBI Card Statement

As you know, SBI changes the credit card e-statement password format from time to time. Sometimes we need to see our old SBI credit card statement. At that time, we need the password format of the previous time. The previous format of the SBI Card E-Statement Password is as follows:

The Password to open the SBI card statement PDF is 16 digits of your credit card number.

How To Download SBI Credit Card Statement

You can download the previous statement of your credit card from the Official website of SBI Cards and the SBI Cards App.

Password is not required to open SBI Credit Card e-statement downloaded from SBI Card official website and SBI Card application.


In this post, we have seen How to open old credit card statements and what is my SBI credit card statement password in detail. As we know to open your SBI Card statement PDF file, which is received on your email, requires a password.

We have told you the format of the SBI card statement password. If you download your SBI card E-statement from the SBI card website and SBI card app, you don’t need any password to open the file. You can directly open your statement pdf file easily.

We hope you have found our article helpful. If you have any doubt/queries related to this information, you can ask in the comment section below. We are always happy to help you.

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