SBI Debit Card Tracking : How To Get SBI ATM Card Status Online

State Bank of India has made an excellent system to provide online services to its customers. Using this online service and internet banking, you can create a new debit card / SBI ATM card for your bank account. When the SBI ATM card created by you is ready to dispatch, it is sent to you by post. By following the RBI’s new rule, SBI and all other banks are giving you chip-based Debit cards by replacing your old debit card / ATM card. It is a new rule of RBI. It is mandatory and allowed only chip-based cards. State bank of India has already created your new chip-based debit card, and it will be dispatched to your registered address by post. You can easily track its status online. In this article, I have explained how to view SBI Debit Card Tracking and SBI ATM Card status online from your phone and computer.

Things Required To Do SBI Debit Card Tracking Online

When your SBI debit card is dispatched from the bank, a message will come to your registered mobile number, in which your SBI debit card tracking details will be there. You will see a tracking id in that information. This tracking id will help you to Check ATM Card Status Online.

  1. Consignment Number/Tracking ID
  2. Active Internet Connection

SBI Debit Card Tracking – Steps By Step Guide

STEP 1: First of all, open the SMS application on your mobile.

STEP 2: Now, open the message you have received from postage.

STEP 3: Write down your Consignment Number on paper or simply Copy it.

STEP 4: Now open the Speed post tracking website on your mobile/computer: CLICK HERE

STEP 5: On this page, enter your Consignment Number in the given box and then solve the Security question and then enter it in the second box and click on Search.

SBI ATM Card Status Online

STEP 6: Once the tracking number/consignment number is verified, you will see the SBI ATM Card Status on your screen.

SBI debit card status online

STEP 7: Here, you can see, from where your debit card was dispatched, On which date it has been dispatched, from which route is coming from, what is the current location of your parcel right now, and when it will reach you.

How To Activate SBI Debit Card? How To Generate SBI ATM PIN?

There are several ways to Activate your SBI Debit Card. I will tell you easy way some of them here. By following those methods, you can Activate your debit card and also, you can generate SBI ATM Pin.

  1. Using Internet Bank.
  2. From ATM.
  3. Through SMS.
  4. By visiting your bank branch.

If you want step by step guide on How To Activate SBI Debit Card? How To Generate SBI ATM PIN? then you can read this article: How To Activate SBI Debit Card?


In this post, we have seen How to view SBI Debit Card Tracking and SBI ATM Card status online. In today’s digital world, it has become possible to check SBI ATM card status online by tracking SBI debit cards. If you have any query regarding Check SBI ATM Card Status Online, then you can write it down in the comment section below. If you loved this post, do not forget to share it on your social media accounts and with your colleagues.

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