How To Activate SBI Debit Card For Online Transaction

Now State Bank of India customers can control their debit card transactions themselves. For example, If an SBI debit cardholder wants to use his debit card for online purchases on the eCommerce website and for making online payments, then customers can Activate SBI Debit Card For Online Transactions. Or, if customers don’t want to use these facilities and want to avoid unauthorized payments, they can Disable Online Transactions SBI Debit Card. In many cards, this online transaction by default is disabled, and you have to enable and activate it yourself to use it. This informative blog post will see how to activate SBI debit card for online transactions using the YONO application, using SBI internet banking, and sending SMS from your mobile.

Things Required To Activate SBI Debit Card For Online Transaction

To enable/disable debit card online transaction, you will need some things related to your account, which we have mentioned below:

1 . You must have a mobile number registered with SBI Bank. Be aware that sufficient balance is available in the sim card for sending SMS and receiving OTP.

2 . You must know the profile password of your State Bank of India Internet Banking.

3 . You must know the username and password of your State Bank of India Internet Banking.

4 . You should know your SBI Debit Card Number.

5 . You must have the YONO SBI application installed on your mobile.

How To Activate SBI Debit Card For Online Transaction

There are 4 methods available currently to Activate online transactions for SBI debit cards. You can turn on / turn off online transactions of your SBI Debit Card using any of the four methods mentioned below:

  1. By Sending SMS.
  2. By using Internet Banking.
  3. Using Yono Application.
  4. By Using Yono Lite Application.

We have explained each method in detail.

1 . Enable Online Transaction For SBI ATM Card By Sending SMS

If your internet banking is not activated, you can use SMS to enable the online/eCommerce transactions. Follow the given guide and send SMS from your mobile phone and turn on online transactions for SBI ATM card.

Activate SBI debit card online transaction by sending sms

1 . Take the registered mobile number with the bank and create a new message.

2 . To activate online transactions : Type SWON ECOM <Last four digits of a debit cardand send it to 092239 66666

For Example : SWON ECOM 9878

3 . To deactivate online transactions : Type SWOFF ECOM <Last four digits of a debit card> and send it to 092239 66666

For Example : SWOFF ECOM 9878

4 . Standard SMS charges are applicable to send this SMS. Ensure that a sufficient balance or SMS pack is available to send SMS from your mobile number.

5 . After your SMS is successfully delivered, you will get a reply from the bank in a few seconds that your online transactions have been Activated/Deactivated.

Now your debit card is ready for online transactions.

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2 . How To Enable Online Transactions In SBI Debit Card Using Internet Banking

If your SBI internet banking active, then you can enable/disable online transactions for your ATM card by using this method.

1 . Open State Bank Of India official internet banking website:

2 . Enter your Username and Password of SBI internet banking and solve captcha correctly and click on Login.

Enter username password and captcha to login SBI internet banking

3 . Now, OTP will be received on your registered mobile number, enter it and click on the login.

4 . The main dashboard of SBI Internet Banking will open in front of you, in that you have to click on the “E-Services” option.

Click on E services option

5 . Now select the “ATM Card Services” option.

Click on ATM Card Services


6 . Now, you can see the “ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage Change” option. Click on it.

Click on ATM Card Limit , channel, Usage change

7 . A new page will open in front of you, in that you have to select your account number and if you have more than one ATM card, then select the ATM Card of which online transactions have to be turned on.

Select ATM Card and Select Channel Type and Submit

8 . Now, you can see the drop-down menu. Click on it and select “change channel type,” then select to enable the online transaction for POS and CNP channel.

Select POS and then CNP one by one and click on submit

9 . Now, You need to Enable International Usage. Click On Change Usage Type for that.

Change Usage Type

10 . Select Usage Type : International Usage and then click on Enable International Usage and tap on Submit button.

Enable internation usage

Now, online transactions of your SBI debit card have been activated by using Internet Banking.

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3 . Enable/Disable Online Transaction for SBI ATM Card Using YONO SBI App

You can also control your online transactions with the help of the YONO app and activate/deactivate them.

1 . Download and Install the YONO application on your mobile and registered in the application using the username and password of your internet banking.

2 . After logging in, click on the left side menu and click on the “Service Request” option.

SBI yono app service request option

3 . Now, you will see few options. Click on the “Debit Card Services” option.

SBI yono app atm debit card option

4 . Now, you need to enter your SBI Profile Password and then click on Submit button.

5 . A new page will open in which you have to select the “Manage Card” option

SBI yono app manage cards option

6 . You can now turn ON the E-commerce transaction from the list.


Now, Your SBI Debit Card Activated For Online Transaction.

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4 . Activate/Deactivate Online Payments for SBI Debit Card using SBI YONO LITE App

You can also Activate and deactivate Online transactions for SBI debit cards using SBI Yono lite application. Follow the below steps:

1 . First of all, Open the SBI Yono Lite application and click on the “Manage Cards.”

manage card option in Yono sbi lite app

2 . The services section will open, from which you have to click on “Manage Debit Cards

SBI yono lite manage debit card option


3 . Now, you can select your account number and debit card number to activate/deactivate online transactions for your sbi debit cards. Just turn ON/OFF the “e-Commerce (CNP) txns” option.


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You can easily activate online transactions for debit cards using these methods. In this post, we have seen four easy methods from which you can enable/disable online transactions of your debit card / ATM card. If you have any questions regarding this post, then ask in the comment section below.

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